Ngày Thời gian Quốc gia Trường Đại diện ĐĂNG KÝ
06/12/2018 15h00 Anh St. Andrew's College, Cambridge Ms. Mengqi Li (Vickie)
18/05/2018 10h00 Anh Kings Education Mr. Phuong Tran
30/11/2017 10h30 Anh St Andrew’S College Cambridge Ms. Mengqi Li (Vickie)
01/08/2017 14h30 Anh Coventry University Ms. Lisa
21/07/2017 09h00 Anh London South Bank University Ms. Mengdie Sun
06/06/2017 14h00 Anh Study Group Uk Ms. Kate Barnes
24/05/2017 09h00 Anh Bellerbys College Ms. Van Anh Trinh
15/05/2017 10h00 Anh Myddelton College Ms. Ciara Newby
20/03/2017 14H00 Anh Ealing Independent College In London Mr. Mark Nicholls
21/03/2017 08H30 Anh Qa Higher Education Ms. Felicity Tomlinson
14/03/2017 09h00 Anh University Of Sunderland Ms. Ngoc Tran
28/02/2017 14h Anh University Of Chester Ms. Elzbieta Siddiqui
12/12/2016 09h30 - 11h00 Anh Sunderland University Ms. Nhị
14/10/2016 10h Anh Qa Higher Education - Uk Felicity Tomlinson
10/10/2016 10h30 Anh Kaplan - Uk Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh
05/10/2016 14h Anh Qa Higher Education - Uk Joy Musa
30/09/2016 10h30 Anh Sunderland University Ms Nhi + Ly
23/09/2016 10h Anh Sunderland University Ms Nhị
20/09/2016 16h Anh Đại Học Sunderland Ms Nhị
19/08/2016 9h Anh Cardiff Metropolitan University Ms Arpil Nguyen - Representative in Vietnam
10/08/2016 9h30 Anh Đại Học Gloucestershire Ms. Pham Thanh Hoa - International Development Advisor
04/04/2016 16h Anh Middlesex University Duong Tran (Mr.) (Jimmy)
25/03/2016 10h + 16h Anh Study Group Uk Ms. Hong + Ms.Nhung
08/03/2016 10h Anh Study Group Uk Mr.Phuong - Student Recruitment Specialist
13/01/2016 09 h Anh Trường Đại Học Sunderland - University Of Sunderland Ms. Kim Thanh - Marketing Administrator
07/12/2015 10h Anh Bellerbys College Mr.Pier - Manager
19/11/2015 14h-16h Anh Kaplan International Colleges - Uk Ms. Oanh - Vietnam Country Manager
11/11/2015 15h30 Anh Trường Đại Học Sunderland - University Of Sunderland "Ms. Le Thi Kim Thanh & Ms. Christine Lee
03/11/2015 10h30 Anh Barnsley College Sadia Choudhury - International student recruitment
02/11/2015 15h30 Anh Cambridge Tutors College Ms. Thủy - Student Recruitment Manager of South Vietnam
23/10/2015 14h30 Anh York St John University Siew Mun Hoh - Education Manager
23/10/2015 10h00 Anh Bexhill 6Th Form College Ms.Katie Binns- Student Activities and International Marketing Officer
23/10/2015 13h30 Anh De Montfort University Beth Alston - International Recruitment Officer
22/10/2015 15h00 Anh Northumbria University London & Northumbria Pathway Campus (Newcastle) Ally Hawley - International Recruitment Advisor South East Asia
22/10/2015 10h00 Anh London South Bank University Tingting Pei- International Officer - Asia Pacific
19/10/2015 9h00 Anh Bellerbys College Mr. Pier Larosa
13/11/2015 15h45 Anh Coventry University Ms.Lisa William - International Officer
21/09/2015 10h45 Anh Kapland College Mr. Sam Tam - Regional Manager
18/08/2015 10:30 AM Anh University Of Wolverhampton Linh Huynh- Country Manager
29/07/2015 10h Anh Barnsley College Sadia Choudhury- International Marketing and Admissions
13/07/2015 10:00 am Anh Lincoln University Mr. Stefan Prest- International Officer
15/06/2015 9h00-10h Anh Into University Of Stirling - London Mr. Stuart Howells- Head fo Recruitment
04/06/2015 10h30-12h00 Anh Into Group Anh, Mỹ Mr Tyler Nusbaum- Recruitment Manager of INTO East Asia
28/05/2015 14h30 Anh Northumbria University London Ally Hawley- International Recruitment Advisor South East Asia
08/05/2015 11h30 Anh Winchester University Mr. Jamie Simpson- International Student Recruitment Officer
05/05/2015 14h Anh Cardiff Sixth Form College Ben Donnelly- Regional Recruitment Consultant
21/04/2015 10h Anh South Thames College Mr Andrew Waite- International Business Manager
18/04/2015 9h30 Anh University Of Gloucestershire Ms. Tram Doan- Assistant Country Manager
16/04/2015 16h Anh London School Of Business And Finance (Lsbf) Ms.Thao- Regional Director
01/04/2015 10:00 AM Anh University Of Wales Trinity Saint David Pengbo Song- Senior International Marketing Officer
17/03/2015 14:30 Anh University Of Gloucestershire Jane Gordon-Regional Manager (South-East Asia)
11/02/2015 14:00 Anh Gsm London Ms.Cara-Marketing Officer
11/02/2015 16:30 Anh Cardiff Metropolitan University Chris Kelly-International Marketing Officer
27/01/2015 09:45 Anh Kaplan Ms.Oanh-International Officer
24/12/2014 11 AM Anh Sunderland University Ms.Huyen-Education Executive
23/12/2014 14-17h Anh University Of Lincoln Mr. Stefan Prest-International Officer
17/12/2014 10AM Anh Studygroup (Bellerby College) Mr. Pier Larosa
11/12/2014 10AM Anh Study Group Mr. Phuong Tran-Student Recruitment Specialist
06/12/2014 08-10 AM Anh Chester University Mrs. Katy Davenport-International Manager
03/12/2014 9h-11h Anh Global University System ( Gus) Ms. Thao
11/05/2021 14h00 TP Đà ... Canada Manitoba Institute Of Trade And Technology (Mitt)
Đăng ký
11/05/2021 14h00 TP Đà ... Canada Coast Mountain College
Đăng ký
11/05/2021 14h00 TP Đà ... Canada Bow Valley College
Đăng ký
23/04/2021 15h00 TP. HCM Mỹ Shorelight Education
Đăng ký
23/07/2020 10h00 TP HCM Úc Uts Insearch
Đăng ký
24/07/2020 11h00 TP ĐN Úc The International College Of Management, Sydney (Icms)
Đăng ký
10/07/2020 09h00 TP HCM Úc University Of Canberra
Đăng ký
08/07/2020 14h00 TP ĐN Singapore Kaplan Singapore
Đăng ký
02/07/2020 15h30 TP ĐN Úc University Of Canberra
Đăng ký
29/06/2020 14h15 - 15h00 TP ĐN Úc Uts Insearch
Đăng ký
25/06/2020 09h00 TP HCM Singapore James Cook University Singapore
Đăng ký
24/06/2020 14h00 TP ĐN Canada Taie International Institute
Đăng ký
24/06/2020 09h30 TP HCM Mỹ Tập Đoàn Giáo Dục Into
Đăng ký
23/06/2020 09h00 TP HCM Canada Niagara College
Đăng ký
18/06/2020 15h00 TP HCM Úc La Trobe University
Đăng ký
06/03/2020 09h00 TP ĐN Canada Vancouver Community College
Đăng ký
04/03/2020 15h30 TP HCM Mỹ Shorelight Education
Đăng ký
04/03/2020 09h20 TP ĐN Mỹ Full Sail University
Đăng ký
02/03/2020 09h00 TP HCM Canada Vancouver Community College
Đăng ký
28/02/2020 15h45 TP HCM Canada Comox Valley School District
Đăng ký
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